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Patch Grove, WI



FEH Design

Square Footage

107,000 Renovation; 29,000 Addition


Middle School Addition & Campus Upgrades

After a $9.5 million referendum passed in late 2016, Kraemer Brothers was selected to build a middle school addition and upgrade facilities for the district. Prior to construction, Kraemer Brothers and FEH Design worked with the district to add two more classrooms and perform elementary school upgrades without increasing square footage or budget from the original referendum plan. Completed in November 2017, the school now has eight new classrooms and a competition-sized gym with locker rooms. The new classrooms feature state-of-the-art amenities such as increased day lighting from a unique window layout, dimmable LED lighting for comfort, integrated SMART board technology, built-in storage cabinets, and upgraded acoustical ceilings. The project also included an expanded library area, a major upgrade to the science classroom, a new computer lab, and auxiliary storage and office areas.

This project allowed the district to consolidate grades K-12 on one campus and close an elementary school that was no longer efficient to operate. To accomplish that, a significant MEP system upgrade was necessary at the consolidated campus, as some of the MEP components were from the original 1959 construction and were no longer operating efficiently. The students and staff now enjoy a modern HVAC system throughout the entire building.