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We understand that successfully managing the post-construction process is a vital, sometimes understated service, but  something we remain focused on. The performance of the building and your satisfaction with it is the ultimate benchmark. Buildings need fine tuning after construction, and we’re committed to making sure you maximize your investment.


Kraemer Brothers believes that “commissioning” a project, or putting the building into service, is a vital part of the construction process. The occupant of the building must be able to move into their new facility without missing a beat, with the building systems functioning properly and as intended.

The building owners should expect to occupy their new buildings for many years to come, and we expect the buildings we construct to perform the same way. That is why it is not uncommon for the founder of our company, Norm Kraemer, to jump in his car and drive to a building we built ten, fifteen, and even twenty years earlier to help a building owner troubleshoot a problem. Norm’s wisdom helps the building owner fix a problem in the best and most cost-effective manner.





Commissioning Process

During this phase, we will be severing contractual ties to the subcontractors and suppliers through gathering final lien releases; providing O&M manuals; assembling warranty submittals; recording punch list obligations; and establishing warranty follow-up guidelines.

Punch Lists

Kraemer Brothers believes that punch lists are generated from the beginning of the project to the end, not just at the end. Quality control from initial groundbreaking to the last square foot of flooring being installed gives a building owner the highest quality building. Our construction professionals are constantly critiquing our own work as well as the work of our subcontractors to ensure that your standards, the designer’s standards, and our standards are met.

Facility Start-Up

Kraemer Brothers works with the project contractors to test equipment and systems at full operating conditions to ensure proper performance. We also schedule operating seminars and will provide your maintenance and engineering staff with a thorough understanding of the building’s systems before you take occupancy. After you take occupancy, we don’t go away. If something is not to your satisfaction, we will make it “right”

Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Kraemer Brothers field management team updates as-built drawings as the job is constructed. We require the same from our subcontractors. You are assured that when we turn over the record drawings for the project that they are accurate and easy to understand. Depending on the team’s preference, the as-builts can be maintained in hard-copy, through the 3D model, or both.

Our staff assembles detailed, organized, and complete operations and maintenance manuals and instructions (O&Ms) for your operations staff. We submit the O&Ms to the architect and engineers for their review prior to substantial completion, and after their approval, turn them over to your staff.

Closeout Submittals

Kraemer Brothers obtains and submits all attic stock materials, continuing insurance coverage, contractor’s affidavit with final releases and waivers of lien as required, permits and any other required documents. The final payment application is submitted when all work is considered complete, ensuring a clean financial closeout. We want you to be productive in your new building, and not have to worry about the details.

Warranty Support

Kraemer Brothers standard practice is to perform an 11-month on-site warranty review with the owner and architect. We want to be sure the building is performing as you expect, and repair any concerns prior to the expiration of the warranty period.

While our standard warranty program extends 11 months from the completion date, we recognize that certain systems and equipment require special warranty circumstances. These protections are outlined in the project specifications and become part of the contract. Our relationship with subcontractors ensures a building owner that all warranty claims will be handled in their most expeditious way.