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Promega Aviation Operations hangar

Madison, WI



Bascon, Inc.

Square Footage



Aircraft Hangar & Offices

Promega Aviation Operations hangar and offices is a 27,500-square-foot structure built at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison. Housing the company’s aircraft as well as including offices, pilot’s lounge and a conference room, the building and its systems are truly first class and earth friendly. Rows of photovoltaic solar panels line the hangar roof, feeding power to the building and supplying excess energy to the power grid, while 350 feet deep in the ground are seven geothermal wells used to naturally generate hot and cold air and water. It is estimated that the solar array generates nearly 72,700 kw annually, the equivalent of nine average households.  Unique features of this building consist of a 28’ x 120’, three-foot thick, accordion-style door and a durable epoxy floor in the hanger bay with an in-slab snow melt system for ease of use and preservation of hanger floor, door and apron. Adding a sustainable touch, Kraemer Brothers detailed a recycling plan that diverted over 75% of construction waste on this project from the landfill.