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Kickapoo area school district

Viola, WI




Square Footage



Aquatics Facility Renovation

After a lengthy selection process and approved referendum, Kraemer Brothers was awarded the aquatics renovation project for the Kickapoo Area School District located in Viola, Wisconsin. This project encompassed remodeling existing space in the Lee Griffin Pool to include locker rooms, a multi-purpose room, and a natatorium. Also part of the project are equipment and pool storage rooms, laundry/treatment rooms, and a basement housing the mechanical equipment used to run the pool and newly renovated space. Since the new pool’s depth and length decreased, an extensive amount of backfill was required to ensure a solid foundation for the concrete floor pour in the multipurpose room and the new pool floor. Adding a refresh to the pool, it received new tile, coatings, markings, drain and filtration piping, and a new filtration equipment system. New wall coverings and tile matching the Kickapoo Panther’s school colors was installed throughout the natatorium as well as glass windows for viewing and natural lighting. When the project finished, Kickapoo Area School District received a new 41’ x 34’ ADA compliant pool, new refurbished locker rooms, storage and treatment rooms, and a 1,600 square foot multipurpose room that is available for the school and community to use for wrestling competitions and practices, exercise classes, community meetings, activity training, and other scheduled events.