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schreiber blast cooler hanging coolers

Schreiber Foods Blast Cooler Update

Our latest project for Schreiber Foods has gotten off to a quick start. After providing budgeting options for an addition or an interior build-out of existing space, Schreiber Foods chose the latter. Since the project started in December 2022, Kraemer Brothers’ crews installed temporary enclosures, ensuring safety for Schreiber Foods employees as well as preserving the food quality standards. Next, crews started demolishing the concrete floors at the build-out area, as well as installing the foundation pads and plumbing, prior to the slab-on-grade pour. Structural steel installation has completed while insulated metal wall panels is ongoing. Evaporator installation has finished, leading into Kraemer Brothers’ crews installing the hanging platform for the blast cells. Door and hardware installation will start later this month, paving the way for the removal of the temporary barriers. Completing this project in three phases, Schreiber Foods is able to remain operational.